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JSP page elements  

In this blog, we will learn about the elements or code fragments we can write as part of the JSP page.

There are total foveJSP elements.
  1. Template content/text
  2. Scriplet
  3. Declarations
  4. Expressions
  5. Page Directives (Instraction to dynamic web server)

Page Directive:
Its an Instruction we pass to the underlying web server in executing the JSP page. These directives will help Dynamic web server in translating the JSP page or executing the jsp page.
There are three different types of page directives
  1. Page - passing page level instractions
  2. include
  3. taglib

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A software developer on JDK and JEE platform. I am passionate about Java technology and always an explorer and learner in new technologies in Java. I have experience on Open Source technologies like Struts, Spring, Jsf etc.. and even strong knowledge on Integration/Distributed world like Ejb, Web Services and Restful Services.



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